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Home is where the heart is, make it your own

Living Room
Scraping of Wallpaper


We believe re-decorating should not be a stressful process, as such, we take care of any and all preparation, from moving and sheeting furniture, to cleaning and moving it back to it's place after every workday so you can still utilise your room if needed.

Rolls of Wallpaper


  • All Aspects Of Interior Painting 

  • Sanding & Varnishing Floors

  • Staining

  • Spraying

  • Property Maintenance ​& Repairs

  • Revamping Kitchen Units​

  • Wallpaper Specialist​

  • Any & All Rooms & Areas Applicable ​​

Blush Wallpaper


A high quality finish is paramount, and we understand that these days everyone has a busy schedule, so we ensure that once we have finished, furniture, curtains/blinds and any all all decorations will be put back in it's place and the area cleaned, leaving your home in pristine condition, so you can enjoy the new look of your living space as though we were never there!

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